«A word under protection ». 52’ 2024. Author Director Valérie Jourdan. Feel Good productions, co-production France 3 Nouvel Aquitaine.

In recent years, faced with a lot of testimonies from victims of sexual harassment and rape, public debate intensified. But if the adult’s speech was freed, that of a child remains fragile. In a specialized gendarmerie unit in Mérignac, minor victims of sexual assault and incest are interviewed by judicial police officers trained in collecting the child’s words.

«Just for today» 52’ 2023 Produced by Titus films. Author director Valérie Jourdan 

How to get out of addictions ? The EDVO is a structure created more than thirty years ago by a former police officer from the Val d’Oise narcotics brigade which host recovering addicts. They are here to learn how to live without drugs or alcohol, abstaining from any behavior modifying products.

« Jamie Lee Curtis, a cry of freedom in Hollywood » 52′, 2022. author, director Valérie Jourdan. Pop’film, 13 productions, Co-production Arte

Since her first appearance on the screens in 1978, Jamie Lee Curtis had played all the stereotypes of women in cinema : Scream queen, sex symbol, femme fatale, wife, prostitute.. By transforming her roles into cults characters, Jamie Lee Curtis knew how to touch the public and avoid the pitfalls of a career spanning more than forty years. But how can you resist the diktat of Hollywood for so long when you are a freedom-loving actress ?

« The 343 manifest, behind the scandal » 60’, 2021. Director Valérie Jourdan, Author Adeline Laffitte. Camera Lucida Productions, co-production Histoire TV, TV5 Monde, RTBF.

On the 5th of April 1971, 343 women have stated in a French magazine to have aborted despite being prohibited. While at the time considered outrageous, these revelations helped a mindset shift within the French society and led to the vote of the Veil Law on abortion four years later.

« Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, hearts even in winter » 52’, 2020, Author and directed by Valérie Jourdan, Camera Lucida productions, France Ô

On a small island, where everybody knows each other… how can you meet The One ? The film depicts the unusual, amusing, and touching love stories shared by the Archipelago’s people, and the attachment to their island.

« Ayurveda, the path of life »  52’, 2019, Author-director Valérie Jourdan, Camera Lucida Productions, France Ô

For some years now, the western world has been fascinated by Ayurveda medicine and have been undertaking journeys to India to discover the benefits of this ancestral knowledge. Originating from holy books of Hinduism, Ayurveda is indeed the reference medicine in India..

« Méditation, an interior trip » 52’, 2019, Author-director Valérie Jourdan, Camera Lucida Productions, France Ô.

It is near the Ganges, in India, that people from all over the world gather to immerse themselves in the spiritual practice of meditation.

« Red cross, women in war » 52’, 2018,  Author-director Valérie Jourdan, Camera Lucida Productions, France Ô.

More than 100 000 nurses faced the horror of the first World War and took care wounded soldiers. It is through their determination and courage that the ‘white angel’ myth was formed. 

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« Calais, they are in lace» 52’, 2014,  Author-director Valérie Jourdan, co-director Eric Beauducel, Maha productions, France TV.

The story behind the bankruptcy of the last lace manufacturer in Calais, France.